With Sellers Benefits Services as your broker, you will have a live person to call to resolve problems that may arise regarding claims, payments, coverage eligibility, access to care, and other issues ‐ assistance you won't get with a web site or a call center.

Simply stated: We customize appropriate benefits strategies specific to our clients, and we ensure excellent execution and administration of those strategies. But we are more than a benefits architect: Sellers Benefits Services partners with employers to serve as an extension of their benefits teams.

We begin by thoroughly assessing all existing benefit programs and identifying any inefficient or non-compliant components. We consider historical claim utilization data, demographic information, employee contribution strategy, current compliance practices and benefit plan goals. Then we tailor a program that meets both the fiscal needs of our clients and the well-being of their employees. Our expertise in the management of health plans spans from traditional network-based managed care plans (PPO, POS and HMO) to pre- and post- taxed mechanisms of consumer directed programs (HRA and HSA), and from fully insured to self-funded plans. If a core benefits program alone is unable to provide an adequate solution, our expertise with voluntary benefits allows us the flexibility to achieve a properly balanced combination of employer-sponsored core benefits and employee-paid voluntary plans. We will review your benefits plan at least yearly to ensure you have the best plan options and rates upon renewal.

The increasing complexity of healthcare plans demands that employees be much more engaged in the process of selecting and using their benefit plans. Sellers Benefits Services assists clients in various ways to help employees navigate their health benefits, such as:

  • Communicating plan changes
  • Answering coverage questions
  • Resolving claims issues
  • Billing and enrollment
  • Initiating wellness programs